Writer: William Robinson, Jr. and Warren Moore

The sun is shining, there's plenty of light
A new day is dawning, sunny and bright
But after I've been crying all night
The sun is cold and the new day seems old
Since I lost my baby
Oh since lost my baby

The birds are singing and the children are playing
There's plenty of work and the bosses are paying
Not a sad word should a young heart be saying
But fun is a bore
And with money I'm poor
Since I lost my baby
Oh since lost my baby
Next time I'll be kinder
Won't you please help me find her
Someone just remind her
Of this love she left behind her
Til I find her I'll be trying to
Everyday I'm growing kinder
Tryin' to find her, inclined to, find her
Inclined to find my baby
Been looking everywhere
Baby I really really care

Determination is fading fast
Exploration is a thing of the past
I can't see how my hope's gonna last
Good things are bad and what's happy is sad

Chorus and Fade