Day: 153
Listening to: Charlie Wilson - You Are, Rufus and Chaka Khan - Tell Me Something Good

September 5, 2011.

Mark the day, for I feel it will be a memorable one: The day Music Wiki was created.

153—the days since then, the day I'm writing this blog. February 5, 2012 is the exact date, and I can assure you that the timing is purely coincidental, but ironic nonetheless (perhaps, an omen). And this is the first in a series of blogs, The Making of a Wiki—A Journal. A journal.

Of course, no one is reading this at this point, but I hope this will be an interesting read—what will be this whole series—for someone seeing this in the future (hopefully, not-too-distant future). A periodical account of embarking on the daunting task of growing a wiki, and all the bumps in the road, and clear passages, on the way.

There are side effects, as well, good ones: that this blog my be an inspiration, a catalyst, to keep me going. That this blog might inspire other (future) users to blog.

This past week, a user asked me if I would like to merge with the Music Wiki. My first response was "No", then I thought about it for a while, and figured "Why not?". But looking at the "Subculture Soundtrack", their scope is too broad: I want this wiki to stick to just the albums, artists and music. Besides, is there any reason two wikis can't compliment each other?

Above all, I want this wiki to have a different feel, environment, a sociable one. Call me naive, but I think there is something golden about a wiki-cum-social site: A sociable site freely and entirely editable by the users? Imagine! And there's nothing wrong with building such a community around the gathering and sharing of information on a particular topic—and what better one than music!?

So, what is allowed, you ask? Take songs, for example: liner notes, music videos, background information, chart history, lyrics, you name it, in turn making this wiki a "one-stop shop".

That's the dream – it's possible. Now I (we) just have to set it to action.

Now, Tell Me Something Good. ...Tell Me, Tell Me, Tell Me...